4 Signs that could indicate that you suffer from post-relationship trauma

Post-relationship trauma can be unhealthy for your mind if it is not taken care of or caught early


A break up of a romantic relationship is never pleasant. It is tough for both the partners involved in it and not just one. While we cannot judge or predict what could have caused the break-up, but moving on is the key to make sure that you remain mentally stable. Leaving from a relationship with a heavy baggage could lead to depression which could also be known as post-relationship trauma. The words are heavy and so are its effects on your mind. While you might not be aware of what is happening to you, here we will be sharing a few signs that could indicate that you are facing a tough time.

1. You become extra sensitive, suspicious and stop trusting people – If you have undergone cheating, abuse, threats, financial abuse or emotional abuse while in a relationship, this could have a long-term effect on your mind. There are possibilities that you could be left with a strong feeling that you might not be able to trust anyone else.

2. You feel guilty about yourself – You could undergo a guilt that you are not able to come around sooner to get to a normal life again. There could be times when you might feel that you are wasting a lot of time in sulking and being sad. You might also have the guilt of giving in to such a relationship that ultimately failed.

3. You tend to indulge in flashbacks – There could also be times when you might go down the memory lane and remember all the good and bad times that you spent with your partner. They could be intense or even distressing. Such interruptions in your regular work could be taking you away from your usual self.

4. You are not willing to give in new a new relationship – This is a common problem with people who are just fresh out of a relationship. There are chances that they might not be able to trust a new person, especially when they have undergone a traumatic relationship earlier.

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