3 Easy communication tricks that help couples come closer

Couples can come closer if a few communication tricks are followed. They are easy to apply and effective


Communication is the key for the success of any relationship. If there is no proper communication then there are all the chances that your relationship might crumble soon. Majority of the problems arise due to lack of communication and if they are not taken care of, then you might invite trouble soon. Although one has to understand that it is no rocket science and there are a few tricks that could prove to be beneficial for your relationship and make it stronger.

1. Be a good listener – There could be times when you might have the urge to be heard by someone and your partner could also feel the same. Be a good listener instead of arguing about how right you are. They also need to be addressed and feel secured. Also do not interrupt them when they are talking. A silent partner can prove to be a friend who could find solace. Being a good listener will also make your partner calm and will help your relationship to be smooth.

2. Communication and trust building exercise – Not many are aware that you could transmit your energy whether emotional and physical security with the help of direct communication. Trust is the factor that makes your relationship last longer. There are a number of trust exercises and activities that can be performed by couples. Such exercises are also recommended by relationship counselors. Although it does not need you to be dramatic as such exercises can also be carried out in less dramatic conditions in regular life yet the idea remains the same.

3. Mirroring with your partner – Mirroring with your partner is a practice where you pay attention to their thoughts and feelings and repeat what has been stated back to them. This is when your partner can deny or confirm if you were correct. The listener can validate their partner’s feelings. This does not mean that you have to agree with whatever your partner has said, but at least you have listened to what they said and shared their feelings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay