6 Etiquettes that can never go old fashioned

There are a number of etiquettes that people often forget but should always be followed


Good manners are something that parents usually relate it towards teaching their children. They also evolve, but never go out of style. Skipping the basics never looks good and if you are one of those who are giving up those, you surely need to brush up. The world has surely evolved and changed as per time, but certain etiquettes can never go wrong, old fashioned or outdated. Here we will be discussing or rather reminding about a few manners or etiquettes that you should never forget.

1. Taking off sunglasses indoors – when you are indoors and talking to people it is better to take off your sunglasses, especially when you are greeting someone. It is OK to keep your sunglasses on when you are outdoors and are sensitive to bright sun.

2. Quick RSVP to invitations –When you receive an invitation, the receiver must be quick to respond to the RSVP as it helps the host to make the arrangements as per the guests. Failing, or not responding in a timely manner is a breach of etiquette.

3. Returning to phone calls – The means of communication has changed these days with smartphones and other devices that are carried by every individual. But still a number of people do not respond to the calls. No response leaves the other person restless and irritable and is a poor etiquette.

4. Holding the elevator – Holding the elevator for too long can cause unnecessary inconvenience for the people who are waiting for the elevator on different floors. Any delay can cause a delay for all people who are waiting.

5. Punctuality – It is important to be on time for appointments, interviews or even formal or informal events. Not being on time leaves the host impatient, angry or irritable and does not leave a good impression.

6. Apologizing in person – When you know things have gone wrong or have not gone as planned, then you should never hesitate to apologize. If it is not done, then things can make the relationships sour.

Photo Credits: Pixabay