Hassle free and uncomplicated Feng Shui rules for a happy home

Feng Shui is a deep study and has many elaborations, but even a few simple remedies can work wonders in a happy home

feng shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese geomancy, an ancient traditional practice that makes use of energy forces and brings a balance between the individuals and their surrounding environment. Although the practice is very elaborate and detailed, there are a few basic rules that can be easily followed without any hassles. Here we will be discussing only three main and basic tips of Feng Shui to make your home a happy space.

1. Get rid of clutter – Never ever allow clutter to accommodate in the house. Although every household has some kind of clutter that gets accommodated with time, but you will have to make sure to observe the accumulation and get rid of it as soon as possible. Pay special attention at the passages, doorways and corridors. The aim is to get rid of any obstacles in your movement inside the house by getting rid of all the unwanted items.

2. Keep your bathroom doors closed – In Feng Shui one has to pay special attention towards toilets as the water constantly flows inside the house. The wealth should not be flushed away as water is the symbol of wealth but water also returns after it is drained. Make sure that you keep the toilet seat cover closed all the time and also make sure that you keep the bathroom door closed all the time. Such practices minimizes the effect. Also, an open bathroom door can allow unpleasant odor to sneak in to the rooms and make you feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.

3. Include mirrors – Mirrors is also an important items in feng shui as they reflect energies and light across the house. These can also be placed to create an illusion of making a small room appear bigger.

4. Incorporate a balance of elements – The five elements fire, earth, metal, wood and water is what feng shui is based on and there should be a balance between these elements. This means that there should be a good balance between plants, flowers, furniture and trees in the atmosphere and surroundings.

Photo Credits: Pixabay