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US airlines and travel officials insist White House to emit pre-travel testing

The travel sector across the globe is currently overwhelmed due to the sudden increase in the travel demand as the travel restrictions are lifted across the globe. Amidst the tough times faced...
memorial day

Flight cancellations increase during Memorial Day weekend in US

The problem of flight cancellations has not seemed to slow down as hundreds of flights were cancelled across the globe which added to the scrubbed flights during the Memorial Day holiday weekend...

Possibility of new COVID-19 wave – Precautions to be taken

The spring time is coming to a conclusion and the weddings are being conducted in full swing. The signs of the coronavirus pandemic is very negligible  and not many people are seen...
flight attendants

5 Things flight attendants want passengers to know

The coronavirus pandemic saw a drastic downfall in the travel sector. But now that the number of infections has gone down significantly, the travel industry is back and is overwhelmed with more...

Carvana cuts 2,500 jobs, informs through email and Zoom calls

Online used car retailer Carvana said that they are cutting 2,500 jobs and have informed some of the workers about their layoffs through Zoom calls. The company blamed the layoffs on the...
baby formula

Baby formula shortage worsens in the United States

Amidst the recovery of the pandemic, Russia’s unprovoked invasion in Ukraine and inflation, the United States is facing a shortage of baby formula. The problem is causing problems for the parents who...

Chicago likely to reach Medium COVID-19 risk

While the world is slowly recovering from COVID-19 pandemic with the slowdown of cases, public health commissioner of Chicago, Dr. Allison Arwady said that the city could go from ‘low’ to ‘medium’ levels as...

Staff shortage forces BA to cancel hundreds of flights amidst travel demand surge

While the summer travel season has shown an increase in travel demand, the plans of a number of people going on a holiday could be jinxed. British Airways (BA) has already cancelled nearly hundreds...

Delta ready to restore barred passengers, who violated mask mandates

The coronavirus pandemic was a time when all the airlines across the globe had implemented a mask wearing mandate. The airlines also maintained a no-tolerance policy for people who violated the mandate and were...
mask mandate

Airline chiefs appeal Biden administration to drop mask mandate

As the number of COVID infections amidst the pandemic has reduced across the globe, the chiefs of the major airlines in the United States have appealed the administration of Biden to take back the...

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