5 Things flight attendants want passengers to know

Flight attendants share a few details they wish that the passengers knew

flight attendants

The coronavirus pandemic saw a drastic downfall in the travel sector. But now that the number of infections has gone down significantly, the travel industry is back and is overwhelmed with more people coming up with their respective travel plans. Under such circumstances the ground staff and the cabin crew is certainly overworked and dealing with shortage of staff. Here we will be discussing about a few things that the flight attendants want the travellers to know when they are flying. These are a few things that were shared by a few cabin crew members on airplane conduct.

  1. Falling asleep without the seatbelt could be dangerous – One of the flight attendants shared that  it is dangerous to fall asleep unbuckled. The reason behind this is that you will never know when the aircraft could experience a turbulence. There could also be an unexpected emergency.
  2. Walking barefoot inside the cabin is not sanitary – While the aircraft might seem clean and rosy, but every flight does have germs on the floor. Apart from the germs, there could be anything on the floor including broken glass pieces, crumbs or small objects that could be thrown by a young toddler on the aircraft.
  3. Conscious use of the restroom –As the restroom is shared with the rest of the cabin crew and the passengers on board, the passengers should make sure that they follow the basics like flushing the toilet and wiping off the sink area when done. This allows everyone on board to be comfortable.
  4. You can ask your meal to be warmed – Not many are aware that the flight attendants constantly try to make the experience of the passengers pleasant. If you had to bring your own food for your baby or other health reasons, you can always ask the crew to warm the food in the microwave onboard.
  5. Dispose trash – The cabin crew constantly go up and down the aisle with trash bags. Be kind by tossing off your wrappers, meal packages and other trash when they pass-by. Such an act of kindness helps the flight attendants to turn over the aircraft for the next flight faster.

Photo Credits: Pixabay