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There are still companies who are continuing to do business in Russia

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues with fresh bombings reported. Amidst the situation, nearly 30 companies continue to go against the public pressure to exit Russia or reduce their business activity from the...

Ukraine restores power at its Chernobyl nuclear power

The power at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been restored on March 13, 2022. There was a once a warning of an increased risk of radiation after the Russian forces had knocked the...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s son Zain passes away of cerebral palsy

US based software giant Microsoft Inc. announced that the son of its Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella and wife Anu passed away on February 28, 2022. He was reportedly 26 years old and was...

Russian troops destroy world’s biggest cargo aircraft in Ukraine

The Russia and Ukraine crisis has been going on since the past few days and the situation has been getting intense everyday making it tough for people residing in the country. The internet is...

New coronavirus vaccine could provide better protection and easy storage

Pharma giants across the globe are trying their best to come up with a vaccine against coronavirus vaccine. While many have successfully come up with a few, but attempts are still made to make...

Meta makes COVID booster vaccines mandatory for employees returning to office

Parent company of Facebook Meta has said that its employees will have to get their COVID-19 booster shot before they return to the offices in the United States. The company had previously said that...

Lufthansa to be forced to operate empty flights to maintain valuable airport slots

The Lufthansa Group made an announcement that it will be forces to fly equal to 18,000 empty planes during the winter season so as to maintain its valuable airport slots. The slot rule has...

CDC discourages people going for cruises regardless of vaccination status

Amidst the omicron variant scare of COVID, the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has warned people against travelling on cruises irrespective of their vaccination status. Since the omicron variant tends to spread...

CDC shortens isolation time for healthcare workers who test positive for COVID

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) has shortened the isolation time that it had earlier recommended for the healthcare workers who test positive for COVID-19. The isolation time has been shortened from...
royal caribbean

48 Passengers on Royal Caribbean cruise test positive for COVID

After a long wait and despite taking a number of stringent measures, the Royal Caribbean cruise operator has said that nearly 48 people onboard have tested positive for coronavirus. The passengers were from one...

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