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Common fashion mistakes that you might be making

There are many people who are crazy about their clothes and think that they have the best fashion sense. While many of them might be right but many times we tend to make a...

4 Make-up mistakes that you need to avoid

Make-up is a routine that is followed by many people. Not many people are aware about wearing the right make-up or the right technique to apply. It is a form of art and it...

5 Easy ways to get rid of skin pigmentation

Pigmentation can sometimes be very annoying. These days taking care of the skin is no less than a task. Pigmentation happens due to constant exposure to sun and pollution. It occurs when dark spots...

3 natural detan face packs with mango pulp

Summer is all set to shine in full swing and it is time to keep some handy tips for tanning. Mango is a fruit that you would like to relish in this season, but...
itchy scalp

5 Natural and home remedies for an itchy scalp

An itchy scalp can be the most irritating condition. It can also be embarrassing when you are in a mid of an important meeting at the office or are attending a formal event. There...
rice bran oil

5 Unknown beauty benefits of rice bran oil

Rice Bran oil is not just great for cooking but is also a great product to be used for skin care. The oil is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Rice Bran oil is...

5 Natural moisturizers for dry skin in winters

Winter is a time when the skin is put to test due to dryness which leads to a patchy skin. It is a time when the skin needs some extra care and protection. This...
hair color

3 Natural ways to get rid of hair color

Many people are obsessed with hair coloring to get a brand new look. But there are also people, who love to color their hair, but later regret to have it. Many might think that...

5 signs your skin is trying to tell you about your diet

Everything that you include in your diet, not just puts an impact on your inner health, but also indicates on your outer being. For instance, if you have been loading yourself with a lot...
oily skin

4 Foods that leads to oily skin

The health of the skin not just depends on the products that you use, but also depends on the what kind of eating habits that you have. Many people do not realize that it...

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