MMS Of Nude Adibasi Girl Paraded Leaked


Updated Trends: Adibasi Girl Paraded Nude On Street, MMS Leaked

In a shocking incident that took place four months ago, when an Adibasi girl was stripped nude and paraded on the street where people were shooting videos of the girl on streets. The girl was paraded without her clothes for about 8 k.m. in the village. People around her, were mocking her and molesting her all the way. The incident came into limelight when an MMS of the girl leaked.

adibasi woman

The girl belonged to an Adibasi village and she paraded in this way as a punishment of having loved a boy outside her community. This gruesome incident reminds people of the same sort of act done by the people to Adibasi women in Guwahati in the year 2007. People on the roads were video shooting the whole incident with their mobiles, as the girl was running trying to hide her bare body from the public. Overall the mms is too graphic to watch.

The village panchayats and officials were not even interested to inform the authorities about this incident. During the girl’s nude parade, vilage folk were playing drums in the background, as some sort of honor ritual. The MMS is of a 11 minute duration, but the incident went on for hours. It was only after the MMS leak, which authorities came to know, they arrested five people in connection to this case.