Isabelle Caro, French Anorexia Model Dies At 28


Updated Trends: Famous French anorexia model and actress, Isabelle Caro has passed away at the age of 28, it was really sad for her near and dear ones to hear the news of her death. She became famous in the year 2007, when she posed for the poster that showed the drawbacks of Anorexia, it also became one of the most controversial poses in France.

isabelle-caro dies

As a matter of fact the sickness that she had been clingged to many years, has finally taken her life. It is reported that she had actually died on the 17th November, her death news was just kept undisclosed. Her boyfriend and singer, Vincent Bigler stated that she was hospitalized for almost two weeks before she succumbed to an acute respiratory disease.

It was really brave for her that she has posed nude for the ‘No Anorexia’ poster, which had been photographed by Oliviero Toscani. Even though it has been said that she died due to a respiratory disease, but it is not exactly confirmed that is the cause of her death.

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