5 Things you need to know about hair straightening


UpdatedTrends.com: Our hair is definitely vulnerable to heat and chemicals, but it also depends on various factors like hygiene, nutrition and sleep. Hair straightening makes your hair look good, but it also has its own effects on your hair shaft if it is not done in a careful manner. Here are certain facts and effects of hair straightening.


1. Damage– While taking about the effects of hair straightening, one has to be aware that this can also damage the hair in a way that you might actually have to cut it. Heat takes out all the moisture of the hair and leaves it brittle and vulnerable – it could cause it to break and split and look dry.

2. Types – Hair straightening can be done at home or at a salon. Salons use chemicals for permanent straightening, while a temporary straightening can also be done by using a blow dryer and a hair brush.

3. Choice – When one decides to get hair straightened, its important to make sure that one looks for those who use ionic technology. Theses methods do minimal damage. One can even opt for ceramic straighteners, as they have a non-sticky surface.

4. Warning – One has to be aware of the fact that the damage done to the hair is irreversible. All hair conditioners, masks and moisturizers are just preventive techniques, but cannot save you from the damage of the extensive use of hair straighteners.

5. Precaution – While using the straightening rods and blow dryers, one must make sure to use it in the right way. If essential, consult a hair expert before doing anything with your hair. You can also check out tutorials online or ask your stylist.

The bottom line – It’s always a great feeling to have a well tamed mane after straightening it, but make sure that you do not overdo it. Play safe, use it occasionally only and make sure that you give your hair some time to breathe sometimes with oil massages and natural hair treatments and let’s not forget a healthy diet.