Is positivity good for your heart?

2231 American researchers say that people who adopt a positive attitude are 50% less likely to suffer a stroke. Medical studies in the past have shown the negative states like anger, anxiety, stress and depression can lead to heart problems.

The topic was recently largely reviewed, which involved more than 200 studies by the experts at the Harvard School of Public Health and it was found that positive psychological wellbeing helps the heart. Julia Boehm, the lead author of the study, says that the absence of the negative is not the same thing as the presence of positive.

Boehm added that research had found factors such as optimism, happiness and life satisfaction which are associated with the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. Such a condition can develop regardless of the factors like the person’s age, smoking status, body weight and socio-economic status.

It was also found that people who are already optimistic and were engaged in healthy activities like exercising and healthy eating, have a healthier life. A link was also found in controlled factors like sleep quality in terms of optimism and better heart health. A large part of research in the past on mood and heart diseases has looked towards stress and anxiety rather than happiness.