4 ways to recognise signs of allergies in toddlers


UpdatedTrends.com: In terms of health problems, toddlers are unable to communicate how they feel. Many conditions might have similar symptoms, which makes it quite confusing to locate the exact problem faced by your little one. Allergies are the most common problem in children and there are ways to differentiate the symptoms.


1. Running nose – If you notice that your toddler often has a stuffy or a running nose, then it might be a sign of an allergy. Usually toddlers with allergies have a problem in breathing through their nose and will often breathe through the mouth till it becomes a habit.

2. Prolonged duration – Usually common conditions like cold and cough last for a short while. However, in the case of allergies they might stay for a prolonged period which is a clear sign of an allergy.

3. Change in color of mucus – In cases where the toddler has a running nose, you need to notice the color of the mucus; if it is yellowish or green in colour then it may be a sign of infection, but if it is thin or just regular then it can be a sign of an allergy.

4. Excessive sneezing – Even toddlers tend to sneeze the way like adults do when the body is trying to reject something. If the toddler is sneezing too much then it is a sign of an allergy and you need to check up with your family physician.