Simple cost-effective treatments to repair damaged hair


Updated Trends: Women complain  a lot about damaged hair. Many times hair is damaged due to pollution or due to over styling. Nowadays, women do not hesitate to style their hair by using hot curls or iron rods, which make the hair look good temporarily, but damage the hair from within. These fashion hair styles damages the hair and makes them brittle and lifeless and it takes a lot of discipline to get it back to it’s lustre. We compile the the top five ways to repair damaged hair.


1. Vitamin E treatment – Vitamin E treatments can be either home made or can be purchased from the store. To make the portion at home, break 4 to 5 vitamin E capsules and mix it with the regular shampoo that you use.

2. Egg treatment – Make a mixture of Egg and olive oil and apply it to the hair for one a week for at least a month. Apply the mixture at the end of the hair to get better results.

3. Regular trims – One can go for regular trims to maintain the health of the hair. Regular trimming also avoids spilt ends on you hair.

4. Reduce shampoo usage – Reduce the frequency of usage of shampoo and conditioners. Twice or thrice a week is ideal and can help in repairing the damage.

5. Shampoo post swimming – After swimming, make sure that you immediately rinse and shampoo your hair or the chlorine in the water will make you hair brittle.

Eat well, lots of vegetables, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids, to ensure that your hair looks great all the time.