Prevent cancer in 5 suggested ways


    Updated Trends: Cancer is that most dreadful state that one may never want to go through. Not many people understand that cancer develops due to our own style of living, and for many of us, it is based on how we choose to live a lifestyle. Turning on a new lifestyle in a good step towards preventing cancer, but whether your lifestyle is good or bad needs to be verified by a doctor.


    Cancer can turn up at any time if our lifestyle s are poor and henc it is of utmost importance to ensure that you follow some strict discipline in life.

    1. Diet – A good healthy diet helps to maintain good health too. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of red and processed meat. One must also include organic grains fresh fruits, beans to complete a healthy meal.

    2. Exercise – Our body needs some movement too. Consuming healthy food is not enough, one has to also try doing some exercise and allow the blood to flow in your body. Cardio exercise helps in maintaining good health.

    3. Quit smoking – If you are a regular smoker, quit Today. Research has said that 30 percent of cancer related deaths are caused due to cigarette smoking. You can reduce the risk by 50% by giving up the deadly habit.

    4. Weight– One must also keep your weight under control. Your weight must be proportionate to your height.

    5. Limit Alcohol – Consumption of Alcohol too keeps you at a risk of developing cancer.

    Last but not the least, maintain a peaceful state of mind. Practice meditation, read the scriptures and make sure that you keep your mind free from worrying and hopelessness.