Keep oily skin away in 5 simple ways


    Updated Trends: The summer is here and during this season, oily skin is a state that irritates people the most. Teenagers are more likely to experience oily skin, due to the pains of adolescence. Staying out in the sun, lack of nutrition and poor diet will only aggravate oily skim further.But don’t give up hope since there are  five ways to avoid oily skin and make your skin glow even during the heat.


    1. Keep hands off your face – If your skin is too oily, then make sure that you keep off your hands from your face as far as possible.  The hand too contains natural oils that can be easily transferred to the face which can make the face a lot more oily.

    2. Face wash – People suffering from oily skin must use a gentle oil free face wash. Say no to oil based products and look for water based cleansers and foaming washes.

    3. Regular exercise – It is essential to do regular exercise in order to maintain a healthy skin. Regular exercise helps in blood circulation which keeps the face glowing. One can just have a 30 minute walk everyday to keep fit as well as to maintain the health of your skin.

    4. Use Astringent – The regular use of astringent on the face with a cotton ball, helps to keep away the oiliness of the skin. Remember to dab it gently across the face, and avoid the eyes, as it could burn a bit.

    5. Visit a dermatologist – If the problems still persist, then it is advised to visit a good dermatologist. The dermatologist will examine your nutrition intake, lifestlye patterns and any family health issues before correcting your oily skin.

    Most importantly, keep yourself clean and make sure you drink lots of water.