Natural foods that keep your memory sharp


    Updated Trends: There are many foods that help in boosting the memory. Often children face concentration problems and loss of memory and this could partly be due to poor nutrition than anything else.  Apart from food, one has to also be busy and not remain doing nothing since the brain too needs some exercise as well as fuel. If you feel that your brain power has slowed down a bit, try these natural foods to give your brain that much needed energy boost.


    1. Onions – Red as well as yellow onions are recommended to boost memory power. The goodness of onions has been known since ages. Besides, that could be the reason why onions are considered by many as a basic ingredient for cooking.

    2. Blueberries – One can consume blue berries at least twice a week. They can be eaten alone or can also be combined with cereal because experts say that they contain anthocyanin and phytochemicals, which helps in the healthy functioning of the brain.

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    3. Apples – Apples not only improve memory but also help in improving the immune system of the body. Research studies have revealed that consumption of apples helps in preventing Alzheihmer’s disease.

    4. Grapes – Grapes contain anthocyanin and quercetin, which are considered as memory boosters. One can consume them as just a snack or can also add them in some salad.

    5. Spinach – Spinach has high content of folic acid. Spinach is good for regular consumption and helps in preventing age related memory loss.