Thyroid drugs put elder patients at greater risk of fracture


    Updated Trends: A recent study has revealed that intake of drugs used to treat thyroid problems may cause vulnerability to fractures. The study stated that the over dose of such drugs can be harmful as they increase the risk of fractures in adults.


    According to the study, the treatment of thyroid is modified in elderly patients, as the regular monitoring of the drugs is highly essential. The examination becomes even more essential as the patients become old.

    The researchers examined the link between the fractures and levothyroxine, which is a synthetic form of thyroid hormone used in the treatment of thyroid gland. The treatments of certain patients change, while the drugs of many of the patients remain the same.

    Such patients are at risk of excess levels of the thyroid hormone, which eventually increase the risks of fractures. The risk is believed to be high in older women.

    In the study, the research was based on an analysis of almost 213,500 patients aged above 70 years. It was found that during the study period, the patients had suffered at least one fracture. The ones who are at a high drug dose are at higher risk of fracture than those, who are on a low dose.

    The authors of the research have suggested that elderly people must be closely monitored during the treatment to prevent them from the risk of fractures.