Car steering wheels are dirtier than toilet seats, says survey


Updated Trends: In an eye opening revelation, a survey report has stated that the steering wheel of a car can be as dirty as a public toilet seat, or probably worse! Those who are looking out for a holiday and planning to get away with the family in their cars, are advised to make sure that their cars are cleaned thoroughly.

Eat and Drive

According to the survey done by B&Q, the steering wheel of the car has way more germs than those that are found on public toilet seats. And the worst part is that this not only applies to the rental and public cars, but is also applied to personal cars.

Not only the steering wheel, but the whole car including the seats, headrest, belt and buckle have plenty of germs and bacteria which can be even dirtier than the public toilets. While some people may even clean their cars regularly, many won’t think of cleaning their steering wheel and often assume that it is clean just because it looks alright.

Driving and Eating
Watch that bite!

Most of the people opt to wash and clean their cars once a year on the inside. It has been found that many people like to eat inside their cars. Many of the drivers have even confessed that they like to eat in their cars. While they eat, the oil on their hands then sticks to the steering wheel and it is then left as it is, and the crumbs just fall in different places inside the car, making it a magnet not only for germs, but also for insects. The bacteria then begins to grow and make it untidy. To add to it, if people smoke inside the car, the fumes tend to cost the inside of the car. These factors, couple with the spilling of liquids on the seat – which could range from drinks to even sweat – all increase the amount of germs and bacteria in the car, making it some sort of health hazard. And then there’s the instance of shaking hands with friends, getting groceries, touching your hair and even scratching and then using the same steering wheel to drive!

With the latest advances in our century, also come the often overlooked lifestyle issues. So make sure your car is clean thoroughly, and not just superficially.