Trans fats in women increases likelihood of stroke?

2737 A recent study has stated that trans fats –  which are responsible for clogging the arteries of people – is directly related to heart diseases. But a newer study has pointed out that these fats may also increase the risk of strokes in women.


The risk is more for middle aged women, as well as older women, whose diet contains mostly of trans fats. However, it was also said that a regular use of aspirin can help in moderating the risk.

The researchers in the study had collected data from more than 87,000 women, which was said to be the largest study ever to examine the impact of dietary fat on stroke risk. No evidence was found in total fat intake or even the rate of other types of fats that may lead to stroke.

It was just concluded that eating high amounts of trans fats seem to be strongly associated with the elevated risk of strokes. In the study, women who had more trans fats were 39 % at a greater risk for strokes than the women who ate at the least after taking in to account the other lifestyle and dietary factors. The women who participated in the study were between the age of 50 to 79. Complete dietary details of the women were taken in to consideration.