5 Essential tips for hairdressing


Hairdressing is an art that many would like to master, but only a handful manage to truly succeed at here.

Hairdressing tips

Here are 5 basic techniques that one must acquire to be a good hairdresser.

1. Parting: It is important to know how to part the hair in seven sections, on the top, right side, left side, left crown, right crown, right nape, left nape. Each parting has to be fastened with hair clip.

2. Blunt Cut: Each section made above has to be combed and cut at the front of the face to give a blunt cut. The scissor blade has to be kept flat while cutting.

3. Layering: For layering, a selected amount of wet and combed hair is to be gathered and twisted into a tight spiral. The rest of the hair is cut straight across and then the spiral is released.

4. Bleeding: To avoid bleeding during the process of highlighting the hair, it has to be ensured that the foils are folded properly and the coloring product shouldn’t be applied at the very top of the foils.

5. Trimming Bangs: For trimming bangs, the section of the hair that doesn’t require trimming is pinned, and the rest of the hair is cut slowly at a 45 degree angle up to the desired length.