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sugar substitute

Low-calorie sugar substitutes might have a negative impact on gut health

A new study has revealed that the low-calorie sugar alternatives could have a negative effect on the human gut health. Such alternatives were earlier thought to be harmless. The substances that were...

Breakfast habits that could ruin your body metabolism

The key for maintaining a healthy body metabolism is by maintaining a healthy diet. Many health experts have talked about the breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Although many...

What could happen when you consume tea on an empty stomach?

Tea is a very common morning beverage that is consumed by people across the globe. Many health experts have talked about the benefits of consuming tea, but not many are aware about...

7 Amazon unknown benefits of mangoes

Mangoes are one of the loved fruits in the world and are known for their taste and nutrition. Majority of the people recognize it as a seasonal fruit, but not many are...
weight loss

Weight loss  – 5 Foods to cut from your diet

Weight loss needs commitment from the person undergoing the process. Other than that no one else can help and requires consistency, efforts and off-course a healthy diet approach to achieve some great...
Chia seeds

Unknown health benefits of chia seeds

Chia seeds come from a flowering plant of the mint family and are one of the most nutritious things that you can find in your pantry. They are rich in omega 3...

When do you have to visit a nutritionist?

It is a myth that people need to visit a nutritionist only when they want to lose weight. There are a number of other benefits as well as a nutritionist is a...
weight loss

5 Snack ideas that can promote rapid weight loss

Not many are aware that snacking is one of the biggest  problem that is faced by people who are trying to lose some weight. People who are under a diet are prone...

5 Vegan sources of calcium

Not many are aware of the importance of calcium for the body. The mineral is more important for women after the age of 30 as it is important for some of the...

World Milk Day – Plant-based substitutes of milk which are good for health

The World Milk Day is observed on June 1 and is established by the Food and Agriculture of the United States. The day is observed to spread the importance of milk to...

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