7 Amazon unknown benefits of mangoes

Mangoes are not just rich in taste but and is also beneficial for health in a number of ways


Mangoes are one of the loved fruits in the world and are known for their taste and nutrition. Majority of the people recognize it as a seasonal fruit, but not many are aware of its actual benefits. Here we will be discussing about the number of health benefits of eating mangoes at least when they are seasonally available.

  1. Improves immunity – Having a strong immunity has become a global concern, especially after the coronavirus pandemic emerged. Mangoes are rich in vitamins A, C, E and folate. All of these are immunity boosters  and help to keep the diseases at bay.
  2. Keeps the skin healthy – Mangoes also have beta-carotine along with vitamin C, A and E that improves collagen production. It helps to make skin plump, soft and healthy.
  3. Help in digestion – Digestive issues can be embarrassing and problematic for many people. But now many people are aware that mangoes can help in solving the digestive problems as well. The fruit contains amylases which is a group of digestive enzymes  that helps the body to break down large food molecules and aids in digestion of food. Moreover the water and dietary fiber in the fruit also helps in digestion.
  4. Good for heart health – it could be due to the presence of anti-oxidants, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin K which all work towards protecting the blood vessels from damage  and promotes and healthy blood pressure. The fruit also helps to lower bad cholesterol levels  and protects the heart from inflammation and oxidative stress.
  5. Reduces skin inflammation – Mango seeds and  the skin have  the anti-oxidant known as mangiferin which is helpful in fighting inflammation and heals the skin from inside.
  6. Good for eyes – The fruit contains the two important anti-oxidants known as zeaxanthin and lutein that protect the eyes from blue light and UV rays.
  7. Improves iron levels – Low iron levels in the body is not healthy and could lead to anemia. The fruit is rich in iron and is a great remedy for people who have iron deficiency.

Photo Credits: Pixabay