World Milk Day – Plant-based substitutes of milk which are good for health

People who are allergic to cow’s milk also have the option to go for plant-based milk which are equally nutritious


The World Milk Day is observed on June 1 and is established by the Food and Agriculture of the United States. The day is observed to spread the importance of milk to consider it as a global food. While the traditional milk from the dairy provides with a number of nutrients, but many people who follow a vegan diet, look forward for plant based substitutes for milk. Here we will be discussing about some of the easily available plant based substitutes for milk.

  1. Oat milk – This is extracted from whole oat grains and has a creamy texture and is usually manufactured in a number of flavors like sweetened, unsweetened, chocolate and vanilla. People who are vegan or have a medical condition can consume oat milk. It has relatively low environmental impact due to its low land and water needs for production.
  2. Almond milk – Almond milk is rich in nutrients like vitamin E and D along with antioxidants. It helps in weight loss and also helps to prevent heart related problems. Almond milk also contains the mineral zinc which is good for the skin health.
  3. Soy milk – Soy milk is a nutrient packed substitute for cow’s milk. It is rich in proteins and has all nine amino acids  and helps to strengthen the muscles. It is a perfect source for people who are health conscious and are looking for a good natural protein source.
  4. Coconut milk –Coconut milk is made from the flesh of a fresh coconut and is packed with multiple nutrients. The product is versatile and can be added to your diet in a number of ways. It also helps in reducing the high blood cholesterol levels.
  5. Flax seed milk – Another great source of nutrition and contains great quantities of Vitamin B12, calcium, protein and Vitamin D.

The above milk substitutes can also be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to cow’s milk.

Photo Credits: Pixabay