The 10 Best Dressed Men at the 58th Grammy Awards


The 58th Grammy Award finally went down on Monday night in Los, Angeles California. The red carpet moment was superb, but what caught the eyes of viewers were the sartorially gifted celebrities who adorned in flashy and classy dresses and suits. The men were not left our either; they came to collect their awards pulling some of the most impressive looks for that particular occasion.

Here are the 10 best dressed men at the 58th Grammy Awards

#1: Justin Bieber

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Justin hit the red carpet wearing all black, but with a white jacket to complement his look. He was accompanied by Jaxon Bieber, his little brother, who also looked stylish and handsome.

#2: Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars appeared at the event wearing a shirtless three piece suit. He accessorized it with a hat as he bagged the award of record of the year for his song ‘Uptown Funk.’

#3: Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell gave his best shot, wearing a nice traditional suit consisting of a blazer, T-shirt and unfinished jeans. His style this time was casual but striking.

#4: Lionel Richie

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The ladies don’t just love him for his beautiful voice; they love him for his sense of style as well. On Monday night he proved this, gracing the red carpet in a nice all-black suit.

#5: Pitbull

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Black seemed to be a favorite color by many men during the Grammy awards. Pitbull also appeared at the event wearing an all-black tuxedo. His was very fitting though.

#6: Big Sean

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Big Sean wore a suit, but with a little twist. He graced the red carpet in a white blazer with black ribbons and a black trouser.

#7: DJ Khaled

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DJ Khaled wore a suit as well, but his black jacket was more defined and conspicuous.

#8: Producer Mark Ronson


Ronson was not left out either when it came to dressing. He wore a beautiful striped navy-blue jacket that made him appear even more handsome.

#9: John Legend

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John Legend stole the show with his elegant outfit that consisted of black, dotted-jacket suit.

#10: Sam Smith

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Sam Smith is known of wearing slick outfit, and this time he did not disappoint. He also wore an elegant black suit, complementing it with a checked tie.

These are some of the men who gave their best shots when it came to dressing. They graced the red carpet at the 58th Grammy Awards looking superb.

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