Unmasking the Zika Virus and the Monsanto Connection


The Zika Virus is the most trending health related topic around the world this year. It follows suit of other disease pandemics such as the deadly Ebola and H1N1 that have been experienced in the recent past.

Further panic has gripped health sector players around the world following the declaration of the Zika Virus emergency by the World Health Organization. Worse still, not much is known about the pandemic although research studies began early enough. It’s believed the virus has been prevalent around the globe over seven decades now and can spread through sexual intercourse.

Health experts express the need to communicate facts about the pandemic in the wake of its spread. For instance, the virus is sexually transmitted since the immune system overlooks the reproductive areas of the male hence allowing viruses to live unharmed for extended periods. Furthermore, the mosquito aids the spread of the Zika from one individual to another.

Image source: www.wakingtimes.com

Even with these facts, the propaganda mill hasn’t ceased to spread contradicting information. In Brazil, for instance, the Zika has been associated with the upsurge of birth defect cases where babies have shrunken heads. The extensive use of pesticides in agriculture in the populated country has also been thought to accelerate this phenomenon.

The WHO has investigated and dispelled these claims. Their studies could not establish a relationship between the pesticides and the said shrunken head condition associated with the Zika. Authorities say the virus has spread fast due to the lack of immunity to the relatively new virus among the global population.

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Poverty stricken areas in Brazil have suffered most from the Zika. The farmers in these locations are known for extensive use of pesticides especially banned ones. These chemicals cause the nutritional deficiency of Vitamin A and Zinc. Such a product is used to cause defects in mosquitoes thus suppressing their multiplication. The said pesticide is manufactured by Monsanto hence the linkage to the Zika propaganda.