4 Easy Ways to make high heels more comfortable


High heels are often mandatory for an outfit, but they can turn your party in to a night mare if they do not fit you the right way or of you are wearing the wrong size. So here are a few tricks you can make your high heels completely comfortable for a party or an occasion.

1. Do not wear them new – Newly purchased high heels are a complete no no for you. They can never be comfortable. You need to get them before time and get used to them before you wear them for an occasion or a party. Wear them while you are in the house while you are doing your daily work.
2. Wear wider heels – Tiny pencil heels can be a torture for the body as just a spike is supposed to support the entire body. Go for a slightly wider heel instead so you can escape tripping on uneven surfaces and be comfortable at the same time.
3. Wear heels with straps – When you are buying high heels, buy the ones with straps. Such heels are good for people who are wearing heels for the first time. Straps makes it easier to walk and secures the foot by giving extra support.
4. Use Moleskin – Moleskin is a thin fabric that can be slipped in shoe in the problem area. If the heels are constantly pinching, a small piece of moleskin can make you feel comfortable.

Photo Credits: wholesalermart