5 Items not to be thrown off


    Our homes can often need a good cleaning there might be certain things that you might need to get rid of. But before you actually dispose them all, have a quick look if they could be useful to you in a unique way. Here are a few things you need not dispose off.

    1. Flower vases – Even if they are old, you can spray paint them and be creative in making them look new and much better than the older one. You can also use them to style the bookcases,. Vases with narrow necks can be used to hold bracelets.
    2. Old wire baskets – Turn an old wire basket upside down and use it as an interesting accent table or a stool. It can also be turned in to a creative lampshade.
    3. Mismatched plates and bowls – Instead of throwing away the mismatched plates and bowls hang them on the wall as a piece of art. You can also use one of them to drop the keys on the entry table.
    4. Wrapping paper – Wrapping paper can be used to make an interesting wall art or a background for the bookshelves and decorative items.
    5. Old suitcases – The old suitcases can be piled up to display old pictures on the top and store the old photo albums inside the suitcases.

    Photo Credits: telegraph