5 Unusual places you can meditate

businessman practicing meditation in office

Life these days has become stressful and people hardly get time for themselves. Regular meditation has several benefits but lack of time often leads to irregular meditation. But here are a few unusual places where you can mediate.

1. At your work cubicle – So if you are not able to find enough time. You very own work desk is the place where you can meditate. You do not have to do it for hours, even a few minutes of it can be sufficient. Set everyday reminders in your mobile phone to take a meditation break.
2. At your bed – When you wake up in the morning, instead of grabbing your smartphone to check updates, sit and relax and meditate for a few minutes and then begin your day.
3. While standing in a queue – Standing in a queue can be tedious and boring, but you can made this time productive by taking the opportunity to meditate. You do not have to close your eyes but just have to concentrate on your breathing.
4. While travelling – People who commute everyday to work can utilize the time to meditate. You can try sitting quietly and concentrate on your breathing.
5. While having a meal – This might sound strange, but works in the positive way. When you take a bite, take some time to chew slowly and get lost in the texture of the food and its taste. Properly chewing your food can improve your digestion.

Photo Credits: huffpost