4 tips to store winter wear


The winters are gone and the summers are in. it is time to pack up your bulky winter clothes back to a place where you need not look in to for a long time. However it is important to properly store your expensive and favourite winter-wear so that that they remain new and fresh for the next winter. Here are a few tips to properly store your winter wear.

winter wear

1. Clean up and do the repair work – Wash the woolens with a good quality woolen detergent and make sure that you do all the repair work like resew the buttons that have fallen off. Before packing up, make sure that you dry them properly to avoid any moisture to get locked.

2. Storage – Plastic lidded bins can be the best to store woolens as they have ample space and also lets your clothing breathe. Other winter wear of high quality like silk or cashmere can be stored in 100% cotton bags as they require extra care. Wrap them in a non-acidic tissue and place them in a 100% cotton bag.

3. Mothballs – Store your winter wear with mothballs as it not just keeps them smell good but also keeps them away from pests and bugs from crawling in to your woolens.

4. Do not hang – Make sure that you do not hang the woolens and store them in the plastic bins. Fold them before you store it as it protects the fabric from stretching.

Photo Credits: hunt