3 Foods that cause acne


Most of the time it is noticed that there is some relation between your diet and acne. Diet can play a major role in solving as well as worsening symptoms. Here are certain foods to be avoided as they can cause acne.

1. Sugar – Sugary foods can cause various health issues and can trigger acne flare-ups. Blood sugar levels increases and and such a condition increases the production of hormone insulin. Moreover, constant spikes of insulin in blood can develop a resistance to insulin and enhance sebum production.

2. Dairy products – Research published by the Harvard School of Public health has stated that dairy products, especially skimmed milk, can trigger acne breakouts.Evidences have shown that dairy products can cause acne due to their hormone and bioactive molecule content.

3. Fast foods – Consuming fast foods like pasta and pizza can generate excess insulin and lead to acne or inflammation. Fast foods contain high carb levels which enter the bloodstream and increase the blood sugar levels.

Tips for healthy diet to escape acne

Supplement your diet with certain healthy fats including fish oil as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have suggested that consumption of fish oil helps to improve acne sensitivity.

Photo Credits: globalperspect