4 Packing mistakes before travelling for a holiday


A holiday is always long awaited. Packing for a holiday can be boring and many of us often make certain packing mistakes. Here are a few things to be pointed out and not to be repeated while packing.

travel packing mistakes

  1. Too many clothes – The best way is to pack a combination of outfits  and emit the ones that are not essential. If you do so then you can find many outfits from just three to four sets of clothes. As you travel you can also pick up some few cheap clothes.
  2. Having a backpack too big – It is a huge mistake  that the new travellers commit by buying  a huge size backpack. Make sure that you buy a bag according to your needs and as small as possible.
  3. Packing un essential medicines – Medicines can be made available all over the world. You just need to take a few essentials like a painkiller, antihistamines and bandaids.
  4. Packing proper outfits according to the place – There are many places in the world where people, especially women are supposed to wear covered up outfits. For instance, you cannot wear a bikini at  the beaches at Maldives. There are many temples in south Asia where women have to cover up. Please have a good study of the place that you are about to visit.

Photo Credits: aarp