4 fashion mistakes to avoid with baby bump


When you are expecting and are at a phase when you have a fully grown baby bump, you might think of experimenting with your looks for an occasion. But many people often make certain fashion mistakes when they dress up during maternity. Here are a few fashion styles you must avoid with a baby bump.

baby bump fashion

1. Outfits Flaunting cleavage – Avoid outfits which show off cleavage as it outshines the baby bump. So it is always better to cover it up a bit. you can even try a lace tank top underneath to make it look better and will also make you look good.

2. T-shirts to announce you are expecting – Pregnancy is a time you are indeed excited, but it does not need to be announced from over the top. Since the belly is seen it is obvious that you are expecting.

3. Avoid tent outfits – Tent outfits can be comfortable to be worn with a baby bump. But if it is not carried well or styled properly, then it can result in a fashion chaos.

4. Avoid Baby Doll outfits – Such outfits can make you look childish and with a baby bump it can look even more funny. It can be better to wait for the baby to come out and try a baby doll outfit on the baby.

Photo Credits: dilcdn