4 Ways to improve mouth health and smile


Apart from looking after your health it is also important to take care of your mouth and your smile. The mouth is an area which is vulnerable of bacteria which can result in lowering of the immune system. Here are a few ways by which you can have a healthy mouth and a better and confident smile.

1. Drink water post meals – Drinking water helps to neutralize the acids in the mouth which form after eating food which is too sugary or starchy. Acids can also cause eroding of the enamel.

2. Drink coffee with a straw – It is not good for the coffee to stay for a longer time on the teeth as it can stain the teeth. It is wise to drink coffee with a straw as it can prevent staining the teeth. This can also be done while having wine other other teeth staining drinks.

3. Floss – Food particles which sit on the surface can be washed easily but the particles which sit in between the teeth can only be removed by flossing. Many times decay and gum diseases begin from here so make flossing a routine.

4. Chew gum – Chewing gum also helps to neutralise the harmful acids which are produced after eating. It helps to increase the production of saliva and also helps to remove food particles due to its sticky characteristic.

Photo Credits: ionmagazine