4 Non essential accessories for home decor


    There are certain accessories in the house which can make the room look complete but can attract the wrong kind of attention. Too much of clutter can make the room look shabby and might not fulfill its necessity.

    home accessories

    1. Too many photo frames – Do not clutter your walls or the side table with too many photo frames as it can be distracting. It is good to have family photos at home but keep it to the minimum. Select some of your favourites for display purpose and pack up the rest.

    2. Flower vases – It is not essential to have too many vases at home. Do not make a clutter out of different vases in the display section as it can make the space look unattractive.

    3. Curtains – Yes rooms can also be without curtains and still look good. There are many reasons your room might not need curtains for instance original woodwork can emit the necessity of curtains. You do not also need the outdated curtains in the house which can make your home look outdated.

    4. Fake flowers – Artificial flowers can easily turn dusty and colourless. Instead you can opt for a fresh plant or fresh flowers which not just look good but also makes your room smell good.

    Photo Credits: interiordesignstyle