4 Light substitutes to satisfy chocolate cravings


Chocolate is a food that you enjoy when you are celebrating with a cake or when you are sad with some ice cream. However, happiness and sadness can increase your calorie count but there are ways to find substitutes to fulfill your chocolate cravings.


1. Chocolate flavoured cereal – Chocolate flavoured cereal can be an excellent way to snack and also fulfill your craving for chocolate. Just pay some attention to the serving sizes and they vary from cereal to cereal. It is good to have it with fat-free milk.

2. Protein bars – Chocolate protein bars too work like a chocolate and is very near to it. Make sure that you look out for options with 110 calories or less per serving. For this you have to check the packaging for calorie counts.

3. Brownie muffins with two-ingredients – This simple recipe can sound heavy on calories but is magically low on calories. This contains food cake and pure pumpkin and bake it with sprayed oil for 20 minutes.

4. Light chocolate ice cream – The market has many options in light chocolate ice cream and when you are looking for some, look for single serving containers so that you can avoid to get tempted.

Photo Credits:Β thestressedmom