5 Ways to donate to charity


Global recession has left many looking for jobs or being in a tough financial situation. Those who can should help the ones in need and here are ways how to do so.

dollar and Donation Box

1. Budgeting for charity – determine your budget and choose an amount you will feel comfortable with donating to charity. Remember that everyone’s financial situation is personal and you do not need to take money from your retirement savings or emergency fund.

2. Choose what is important to you – think about what inspires or interests you, whether certain charity has a local or global impact. Make sure to choose a cause that is close to your heart and way of thinking.

3. Narrow down your selection – consider whether you want to donate to a large or small organization. Large ones have a bigger impact, but in small organizations your donation alone can make a huge difference to someone.

4. Do a little research – check the organization’s goals, activities and schedules, see if it is located somewhere close to you, so it is easily-reached. This way you will know how to plan your time, as well as donations.

5. Cross your Ts – make sure that charity you are interested in is registered with the IRS as tax-exempt organization. If you go for a charity that is not on IRS non-profit charities database, your donation will not be tax-deductible.