5 Ways to increase your focus


If you are having problems with remembering things, are often late for work or cannot keep up with assigned projects, you are not the only one. There are ways to increase your focus and your productivity.

increase-focus1. Write it down – keep a pad where you can write down random thoughts and ideas, whether you are at work or at home. Once you do that, you will be less distracted by those ideas while you are working on an assigned task.

2. Map it out – study found that human brain can handle only up to 2 complicated tasks at the same time. As you do not need to keep everything in your head, make a map of your day, including tasks and errands and go by that list.

3. Create your environment – whether you prefer working in a quieter place or like having music and people around you, create an environment for yourself which will allow you to perform best.

4. Prioritize your responsibilities – make monotonous tasks like paying the bills or going over your mail a priority, as it is something you need to do. However, also make those tasks interesting by listening to your favorite music, having coffee or enlisting your family member’s help.

5. Take breaks – quick breaks are important in order to keep your productivity high, but make sure not to move into procrastination phase which will last for an hour or more.