4 Reasons to use social media while shopping


Social media is everywhere and major retailers know it too. Popular brands are using their official websites, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and other channels to inform their customers about markdowns and promotions. Here are four reasons to use social media while shopping.


1. For getting advice – when you are shopping and find yourself being indecisive about a particular item, second opinion is what you need the most. Try using apps like Pose or Go Try It On and you can have that second opinion straight away. You can take a photo of yourself in an outfit and send it to Go Try It On followers, who will provide you with a quick feedback.

2. For price comparisons – when you are in a store and realize prices there are a bit too high, you do not have to go all over town looking for better deals. You can simply use apps like Red Laser, ShopSavvy or Google Shopper, as they let you scan the barcodes and instantly find where the item in question is sold nearby (or online) at an affordable price.

3. For sharing deals – apps like Saveology (for general consumer products) or Gilt Groupe (for fashion-related products) make group sharing interesting and helpful.

4. For group gifting – if you plan on giving an expensive gift and want others to contribute, you can use a Facebook app GiftSimple for that. You can register a gift, post it and start accepting contributions. In case you prefer gift cards, app Wrapp allows you to give gift cards of major brands directly through Facebook.