5 Ways to save calories when traveling


Summer and vacation time is almost here and while most of us cannot wait to relax and enjoy our free time, that still does not mean we should forget about all the hard work that was put into looking good on the beach. Here are ways how to save calories while away from home, but still have fun along the way!


1. Go for walks – even though you need to rest, that still does not mean you should spend the entire vacation lying down. Casual 45-minute walks will help you feel better, plus you can do your sightseeing then.

2. Work out – you can still catch up on your favorite novel or gossip magazines, but read them while on the treadmill for 30 minutes, rather than lounging in a chair.

3. Swim – swimming can do wonders for your body and after all, that is why you are on a vacation in the first place, rather than simply sitting by the pool or on the beach.

4. Watch your meals – order roasted chicken instead of steak, or snack on sweet potato fries instead of loaded nachos. Differences in calories are significant and even though you do not need to deprive yourself of anything, make sure to choose your meals wisely.

5. Watch your drinks – same as with meals, alcohol should be taken in moderation and choose drinks with less calories, as there are many options available. Order margarita on the rocks instead of rum and Coke, or drink one glass of wine instead of splitting the bottle.