6 Outdoor sports which can be safe for children during pandemic

Children need to be active despite the pandemic and a few outdoor sports can be termed as safe


The coronavirus pandemic intensity has surely gone down, but it is still not safe to move out of the house and do activities like we did in the earlier days. This has become a major challenge for the parents, who are still not able to send their children out for playing. With children, maintaining social distancing and hygiene can be a little tricky, but still there are a few sports which can be termed as safe and will also help them to remain active.

1.Tennis – Tennis is an easy sport and is safe for children to indulge even during the pandemic time. A safe social distance can be maintained and not much of an infrastructure is required.

2. Badminton – Badminton is similar to tennis and distancing measures can be easily taken. You do not need to come in contact with the opponent playing on the other side.

3. Cycling – Cycling is a sport that is also a good exercise for the child. It is a best way to enjoy the outdoors without the need to coming in contact with another person.

4. Golf – This is a sport that has become popular during the pandemic time and is safe to play. Although it can be a little expensive as the golf gear and equipment does not come cheap.

5. Running – Running is another good form of cardio exercise. You just have to wear the appropriate protective gear and shoes to burn those calories and remain fit.

6. Skating – Skating is a great way to keep the children engaged. The child can either keep practicing or can just keep making rounds without the need to come in contact with the other person.

No matter what sports your kids are engaged in, make sure that all the equipments are cleaned and sanitized before and after the use as a safety measure. Always keep a small bottle of sanitizer with the child.

Photo Credits: Pixabay