5 Signs that you might be overeating

Overeating is not good for health and the body might even signal when you indulge in too much of food


Winter is a time when the weather conditions tends to make a person more hungry. It is also the season time when the festive mood leads to indulging in eating more than usual. Under such circumstances, there could also be times when you might end up overeating and that can have harmful effects on the body. Here are a few signs that your body can show if you are overeating.

1. Feel heavy all the time – After you have had your meal, you could end up feeling too heavy and that condition could also lead you to feel sick. This is a sign that you might be over-eating. The best way to avoid overeating is by having 5 small meals a day.

2. Increase in your weight – This is surely one of the most obvious signs that you might be overeating. When your clothes become tight and you start to feel unhealthy and bloated. People might also start calling you chubby and cute, then that is a clear sign that you are overeating.

3. You continue to eat, even if you are full – There could be times when you might feel satisfied, but would still continue to eat. You need to stop eating when you stop feeling hungry anymore.

4. Get hot flushes –This could happen when your body is working too much towards digesting the food. It happens when you are eating without a break and this process increases the body temperature and would make you feel hot.

5. You experience breathing difficulty – When you are stuffed, you might even end up feeling tough to breathe. If you get the feeling that you are to full, then you should stop overeating.

Overeating has a number of bad effects on health and could lead to diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. Eating does make you feel good, but it is also important to hear the warning signs from the body.

Photo Credits: Pixabay