5 Easy ways to appear confident

Apart from feeling confident, it is also important to look confident and a few tricks can do the magic


At some point of life, it becomes very important to not just feel confident, but to also appear confident. Appearance is of great importance in the corporate sector. It speaks a lot about your personality and can help you massively in your profession. It is true that some people are born confident, but appearance also has some contribution to it. Here are a few tips that you can follow and apply on yourself to look confident as well.

1. Watch your posture – Make sure that you are sitting or standing straight with your back and shoulders erect. Slouching or slumping affects your stance and makes you look under-confident. Make sure that you are standing tall with your chin up.

2. Make an eye contact – One of the most effective ways to appear confident is the eye contact. If you are avoiding the glance of the person standing in front of you, then you are giving away the message that you are conscious. Maintaining an eye contact, shows people that you are focused.

3. Maintain a genuine smile – There is a fine line between appearing confident and a rude stare. A genuine smile gives an idea about your gentle personality and your acceptance of the situation. Even if you are nervous from inside, try to smile and it will keep you calm.

4. Stop making adjustments – Your inhibition shows in your body language. Stop handling your hair, adjust your shoes or your outfit. Be confident about how you are looking and remain calm.

5. Do not talk fast – Keep the pace of your speech slow and steady. If you are talking fast, it will give out an idea that you are nervous. Take deep breaths and do not be conscious about the long pauses. It is also important to convey the message right and let the other person know about your intensions. Enjoy the conversation by getting involved in it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay