Theme parks opened amidst pandemic to be different from usual

Theme parks across the globe will have to follow a new pattern to run along with the coronavirus pandemic

theme parks

The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the businesses of the theme parks which are designed to have crowds and have communal experiences. Whether big or small, theme parks have always attracted big crowds and the experiences of being in a big crowd makes it a fun experience for the guests. The rides have been constructed to accommodate more riders and the parades and fireworks are strategically timed so the guests remain in the park for a longer time in the day. Even the dining areas are designed to accommodate more guests.

But now due to the coronavirus pandemic, where social distancing is going to become the new lifestyle, owners of theme parks will have to rework on the schedule and the way these places work. The changes have to be made so the parks could be reopened even amidst the pandemic. Sabine Lehmann, the founder of Curiostas, which is a consulting company that specializes in attractions and tourism said that when they will reopen, the visitor attractions are going to look very different.

Lehmann added that people leave home to have shared experiences, but hereafter, the definition of sharing the experience is going to change. At present the Shanghai Disneyland is the only major theme park which is ready to reopen during the pandemic. However, there are still no plans for Disney to reopen any of its other international them parks where the pandemic is at its peak.

Universal has informed that its parks in Florida will remain shut at least till May 31, 2020 but no specific reopen date has been announced yet. Some of the regional parks like Busch Gardens, Six Flags and Cedar Fair continue to remain shut as they are waiting for the state owned guidelines. However, some of the analysts have said that the parks are not expected to reopen by 2021, while some of them might reopen by June 1, 2020.

Photo Credits: Pixabay