5 reasons to avoid make-up


Feeling confident is a significant challenge to many people these days. A large number of women and men have opted to use make-up as a way of raising one’s self-esteem and increasing their fashion quotient. One thing most users don’t know is the risk they put themselves to in the name of enhancing their beauty
Shown below are five reasons why to avoid makeup.
1. Harmful chemicals
Makeup contains a lot of ingredients in which others components are harmful to the human skin. Most of these ingredients cause allergic reactions to the skin, due to the contents they have such as propylene glycol, sodium benzoate known to cause allergies and acne and in worse case scenarios – serious skin diseases.
2. Wasting money
The idea of buying makeup is money wasting. Each person is beautiful without make and if one admits it will help in saving money, which could be used for future investment or directed to other more useful tasks.

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3. Time wasting
The average time women take in applying makeup is roughly 30 minutes. This time would have otherwise, been used to spend time with your children, extra time to sleep or make breakfast for the kids.
4. Skin can breathe
You would be surprised that your skin will improve, reducing acne and reduction in allergies, as the skin breathes freely without any blockage from layers of makeup and foundation. The pores of the skin allow maximum in and out exchange of body chemicals enabling healthy skin.
5. Self-acceptance
The best feeling you can get is accepting yourself as you are. Avoiding makeup gives you an opportunity to feel free, cry if you want to, laugh freely without fear of damaging makeup worn. Avoiding makeup relieves you with the burden of wearing and removing it, each morning and night respectively before or after going to sleep.
These five reasons to avoid makeup gives you an opportunity not only to embrace yourself but also to save time and money and reduce chances of getting allergies and acne.

Photo Credits: Unsplash