4 Make-up mistakes that you need to avoid

Make-up is applies to enhance your beauty but when they are overused or underused, they can turn in to a disaster


Make-up is a routine that is followed by many people. Not many people are aware about wearing the right make-up or the right technique to apply. It is a form of art and it requires practice to make it perfect. Here are a few mistakes that you might be making while applying make-up.

1. Wearing the wrong foundation – Every person has a different color shade and it is essential that they wear a foundation that suits or closely matches to their respective complexion. Getting the perfect shade can be tricky as it can look perfect when you purchase it at the store, but then you get out in the sun it looks like a complete mismatch.

2. Do not overdo the eye shadows – It is a trend to give your eyebrows a dramatic shadow color. The key to get the best eye shadow is Blend so blend as much as possible so as to avoid any harsh lines on the lids and yet maintaining the pigment. Before you actually go for a blend, try it before hand at home and see if it looks good. Do not experiment during an outing or an event.

3. Do not over-do the brows – Eyebrows work like the frames for your face. It is good to be dramatic but remember that there is a thin line between dramatic and disaster that you need to understand. An arch looks good on the face and they need not to be ruler straight. Try to keep the eyebrows as simple as possible. Opt for a powder, gel or pencil which is a shade darker than your natural brows.

4. Contouring – Contouring is a step that needs practice. If you do it on the wrong place, then it can result in a disaster. It has to be done according to the shape of the face. The idea of contouring is to enhance the bone structure. Also make sure that you have the right contour shade.

Photo Credits: Pixabay