6 reasons to drink water frequently


Water is a life giver to many and is long known to have healing effects for various health conditions. Water consumption ranges from eight to ten glasses of water a day to support proper body functioning. It is strongly advised to drink water in an empty stomach each morning to make sure proper body functioning.

Factors shown below demonstrates reasons to drinking water often.
1. Absorption of nutrients
Water cleans the internal body organs if consumed in the right quantity. It allows cleansing of the colon, allowing better absorption of nutrients after digestion.
2. Facilitates production of new blood and muscles cell
Blood has about 80% water and lean muscle has about 75% water. Adequate water consumption ensures daily production of muscle and blood cells is at its best.
3. Anti-aging skin
Staying hydrated helps in the softening and smoothing of the skin, without enough water, the skin will dry out forming wrinkles. It supports high metabolism which when it’s at its highest level, it flushes out toxins allowing the skin to lose wrinkles maintaining its elastic nature looking young and glowing.
4. Water prevents kidney stone formation
Water facilitates removing of impurities and toxic waste from the body. Optimum circulation of water in the body helps fight and prevents the formation of kidney stone, formed when the bile emitted has insufficient water.
5. Weight loss
Drinking enough water allows the proper functioning of the kidneys, which in turn allows the liver to burn fats to energy. Dehydration will prevent the liver from burning all fats leading to accumulation of fat leading to gain weight.
6. Moderates body temperature
Drinking H2O maintains your body temperature. Sweating is high during the hot days leading to loss of heat through the sweating process and during the cold days you urinate a lot preventing loss of heat ensuring the body keeps check of its temperature.

Water consumption has a lot of advantages to the body. Consumption of eight to ten glasses of per day helps avoid illness and keep up a young skin and increase energy levels.

Photo Credits: Pixabay