Disney+ accounts hacked and also sold online

Disney+ accounts are being hacked just hours in to creation and are being sold online


American video-on-demand service Disney+ was launched on November 12, 2019 after enough wait. The fans of Disney had eagerly waited for the launch of the service but the launch saw many bumps with technical issues. Now that the technical issues have been solved and after just a week of the launch, accounts of Disney+ are already being hacked. Many of the users have reported about their accounts being hacked within just hours of its creation. The surprising part is that the accounts which are hacked are being sold online.

The party behind the hacks, log in to the accounts and changes the email address and password. The account is thus hacked and is being resold on the web. A deep investigation has found that some of the accounts are being offered for as little as for $3. There are also accounts that are offered for free and it depends on where the users are looking for. The average price that is being offered for an account is found to be a little less than the actual subscription fee of Disney+.

The launch of Disney+ was quote wobbly with a number of technical issues being reported. The application was filled with technical issues and many of the users reported that the application did not work at all on their devices. There were also users who reported that they did not get ample customer service support. Some of them also reported that they were being hung up on were left on a long hold. Despite a defective start, the platform already has more than 10 million subscribers.

A spokesperson from BBC explained that the fault is not on their part and takes the privacy and security of the users very seriously. The spokesperson added that this might also have happened due to the poor security practices on the part of the individual. This means that the users need to be extra cautious while setting their passwords.

Photo Credits: Pixabay