6 fashion rules broken by Rihanna


Singer and entrepreneur Rihanna is not just a great singer but also loves her fashion. We are not talking about her recent venture Fenty, but we are talking about some basic fashion rules that are followed by many but are broken by the bold singer. There are several moments when Rihanna proved that she is truly the boss and has no hesitations when she carries herself in outfits that are totally out of the way. Here are a few fashion rules that she loves to break –

1. Wearing scarf over the cap – Rihanna has worn her scarf over a baseball hat. It sounds different but when she did it, it was totally different and carried it off with ease. If someone else tried this, they would fail at impressing people, but watching Rihanna doing it, feels so right.

2. Wearing heels at the airport – Travel is a time, when you feel like going it easy on the feet. But Rihanna is conscious during this time as well. It might make no sense at all, but Rihanna has done it and do not be surprised if you find the star travelling with heels.

3. Wearing several pieces of jewellery – The singer is the one who has the ability to carry off multiple pieces of statement jewelery, which is completely opposite of keeping it minimum to balance with a heavy or bright outfit.

4. Wearing two belts at once – As mentioned before, the We Found Love singer loves wearing multiple pieces of statement jewellery. The actress has also worn contrasting yet similar belts together to her outfit.

5. Skirt as a top – The unapologetic singer is never scared of experiments and has carried a denim skirt as a top with a pair of denim pants.

6. Sunglasses during night – Rihanna surely loves her sunglasses and she can wear them during the night time as well.

Photo Credits: Pixabay