Beyoncé’s Little Princess Blue Ivy Carter Coming Out With Beauty Line


So, what were you doing at age 5? Learning the alphabet? Making new friends? Well, Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter is turning into the world’s youngest entrepreneur. That’s right. The little princess of queen Bey and rapper Jay Z is all set to make her retail debut while still technically an infant. Feeling bad about your own life yet?!

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Beyoncé’s team has filed papers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to have the name “Blue Ivy Carter” trademarked for posterity. The trademark will include rights to hair-care products, body lotions, fragrances, cosmetics, and other luxury products. Not only that, but she might also be able to put her name on baby products like strollers, diapers and other baby goods.

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It was reported earlier that Bey wanted to register the name “Blue Ivy”, but was a little too late because maybe God decided He wanted to name a lovely flower blossoming in nature by that name, too! So now Ivy is going to have her own brand retailing products at the tender age of 5 when most of us were learning to not suck our thumbs. That is one mega talented family, y’all.

Like mother, like daughter. JStone / Shutterstock, Inc.

Beyoncé recently announced that she is pregnant with twins, so the first guinea pigs to little big sister, Blue Ivy Carter’s products are going to be none other than her siblings. Blue Ivy is already a star in her own right – when she was just a few days old, her voice was featured in one of daddy Jay Z’s tracks. Then, she got to be a part of the video for mama Beyoncé’s Formation. And she has walked the red carpet draped in some of the world’s most envious fashion brands.

And can we hear Kim Kardashian making her way to the patent office to trademark her own babies’ names? After all, the reality star loves aping the Queen! So sad the rest of us mere mortals were named regular names that about a million other people share in this world.